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How we fixed a memory leak in solaris 10


Here is and example of finding out, who is causing a kernel memory leak in solaris 10:

Unix Systems: 

Replace a scsi disk in solaris under veritas(vxvm)

Here is a little how to replace a disk in solaris under veritas control that Juan sent via mail, nothing new, but just in case it helps someone:

Vamos a cambiar el disco c4t4d0s2 datadg01m del dg datadg:

root@Down2earth:/>vxdisk list | grep -i datadg
c1t5d2s2 sliced datadg01 datadg2 online
c4t4d0s2 sliced datadg01 datadg online <--este
c4t5d0s2 sliced datadg02 datadg online
c4t6d0s2 sliced datadg03 datadg online

Lanzamos el vxdiskadm y selecionamos la opcion 4

Unix Systems: 

Install/Configure OVM for sparc 2.1(ldoms) to use SC 3.3 in a box

Here is a little step by step guide on how to Install and configure ldoms 2.1 on a T5210 server, we also clone ldoms using zfs snapshots, and configure iscsi luns for shared devices

Pre-install check firmware level and update for a T5210:

You need at least 7.4.0.b firmware installed, you can check you version from the ilom or prtdiag:

In our case we are fine no need to update:
Sun System Firmware 7.4.2 2011/11/19 09:16

Unix Systems: 

Configure Jumpstart server and backup/restore/clone a server


First we create our directory structure:
zfs create rootPool/jumpstart
zfs set mountpoint=/jumpstart
mkdir /jumpstart/config ----------> all the jumpstart config
mkdir /jumpstart/install ----------> all the install media from the OS DVDs
mkdir /jumpstart/images ----------> backup flar images from the clients

Install media:
mkdir /jumpstart/install/sol10_update9
# cd /cdrom/cdrom0/s0/Solaris_10/Tools
# ./setup_install_server /jumpstart/install/sol10_update9

Unix Systems: 

Part 11. Sun Cluster 3.2: Create a Scalable HA Apache RG with 3 nodes

Create Apache scalable service with 3 nodes:

First as always we add, whats going to be our shared-ip address to the /etc/hosts on all the nodes: apache-shared

Then we need to create a failover resource group for the IP resource:

[root@vm1:/]# clrg create APA-sharedip-rg
[root@vm1:/]#clressharedaddress create -g APA-sharedip-rg -h apache-shared apache-shared-ip

Once we have the shared IP resource group configured, we create the scalable apache RG, and put the IP failover resource as a dependencie:

Unix Systems: 

Part 10. Sun Cluster 3.2: Grow a cluster filesytem(SVM)

[root@vm1:/]# clrg status (12-02 18:44)

=== Cluster Resource Groups ===

Group Name Node Name Suspended Status
---------- --------- --------- ------
NFSrg vm1 No Online
vm2 No Offline
vm3 No Offline

Unix Systems: 

Part 9. Sun Cluster 3.2:Create a HA failover resource inside a zone cluster

Now we are going to create/configure a zone cluster and install a HA failover sybase dataservice:

First we are going to create the dirs for the cluster zones:

mkdir -p /zones/clzone1
chmod 700 /zones/clzone1

No we are going to create a configure file:

[root@vm2:/zones]# cat zonecreate.file (10-14 18:34)
create -b -------> Full zone cluster

Unix Systems: 

VXVM. Migrate Disk in a Striped Volume using a Mirror example

add 2 more disks:


vxdg -g datadg adddisk

y una vez tenemos los discos en el dg, realizamos el mirror del volument que esta en stripe

timpano:/:> vxassist -g datadg mirror datvol01 datadg03 datadg04 &
timpano:/:> vxtask list
178 ATCOPY/R 01.88% 0/6291456/118544 PLXATT datvol01 0.0
timpano:/:> vxprint -ht
Disk group: rootdg

Unix Systems: 

VXVM. Create Mirror or Stripe Volumes Examples

dustbin:/:> vxdisk list
c1t10d0s2 sliced - - error
c1t11d0s2 sliced - - error
c3t0d0s2 sliced disk01 rootdg online
c3t6d0s2 sliced - - error
c3t24d0s2 sliced - - error

Añadimos 2 discos para poder realizar el stripe:

dustbin:/:> vxdiskadd c3t6d0

Add or initialize disks
Menu: VolumeManager/Disk/AddDisks

Unix Systems: 

VXVM. Delete all Volume/DG/disk Config

19pespare3:/:> df -k
Filesystem kbytes used avail capacity Mounted on
/dev/dsk/c1t10d0s0 5043518 1914995 3078088 39% /
/proc 0 0 0 0% /proc
mnttab 0 0 0 0% /etc/mnttab
fd 0 0 0 0% /dev/fd
swap 1008368 16 1008352 1% /var/run
swap 1008928 576 1008352 1% /tmp
/dev/md/dsk/d2 97306 2 87574 1% /fs_d2

Unix Systems: 


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