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Aix Graph viewer

The pGraph tool has been developed to ease performance data handling with the following goals:
Manage multiple data formats from multiple performance tools, providing the same look and feel to the user.
Handle any size of collected data, with a zoom facility to focus on specific subset of data.
Current version (1.5.1) is capable of dealing with the output of the following tools:

Unix Systems: 

Multibos command 5.3-ml3

The new "multibos" command (AIX 5.3 ML3) provides dual AIX boot from the same rootvg. You can run production on one boot image while installing, customizing or updating the other.

Unix Systems: 

Mirror rootvg

Mirroring "rootvg" protects the operating system from a disk failure. Mirroring "rootvg" requires a couple extra steps compared to other volume groups. The mirrored rootvg disk must be bootable *and* in the bootlist. Otherwise, if the primary disk fails, you'll continue to run, but you won't be able to reboot.

In brief, the procedure to mirror rootvg on hdisk0 to hdisk1 is

Unix Systems: 

Device location

Here are a few commands to locate physical devices. These commands are useful in a partitioned environment where locations are virtual.

* lsdev -Cc adapter -s pci - list all adapter slots
* lsdev -p adapter - lists devices owned by an adapter
* lsdev -Cl adapter -F parent lists the parent adapter for a device (like a disk drive)

Unix Systems: 

Fix Level Recommendation Tool

Here's a new URL to determine whether you have the recommended combination of AIX, microcode, HMC and VIO

Be sure to keep your software and microcode levels "compatible and current". My "preventative maintenance" guidelines are

1. Upgrade on a 6-12 month cycle.
2. Upgrade to the "n-1" level b (where "n" is the current level)

Unix Systems: 

Distributed Shell Command

Distributed Shell Command dsh

PSSP's distributed shell commands "dsh" and "dshbak" are now standard in AIX 5.2. They run commands in parallel on multiple hosts, and format the output. The dsh commands greatly simplify managing server farms.

Unix Systems: 


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