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Getting XP array discs serial number in Aix

1:5C OpenE x 8 108GB


#lscfg -vpl hdiskxx

hdisk1 U7879.001.DQDTVMR-P1-C5-T1-W500060E802C52F15-L0 Other FC SCSI Disk Drive

Machine Type and Model......OPEN-E*8
ROS Level and ID............30313139
Serial Number...............0400C52F
Device Specific.(Z0)........0000032273000002

Unix Systems: 

Increase Max users procs for oracle

max user processes is set smit/system environments/ change show characteristics of operating system, not ulimit.

You should get with your DBA to find out what an estimate of the number of processes oracle may run at one time. (there is a parm for the database for processes. the max user processes on the AIX system should be higher than that number.)

Unix Systems: 

Commands by Subject

compress -c file.txt > file.Z Create a compressed file.

uuencode (infile) (extract-file-name) > (output file)
Converts a binary file to an ASCII file for transfer by modem or email

uudecode (encoded file)
Extracts a binary file from encoded file and calls it the extract-file-name

examples :-

uuencode maymap maymap > maymap.enc
uudecode maymap.enc

Unix Systems: 

System Dump Commands

IBM recommends:
Don't mirror the system dump device
Don't use compression on the dump device
Don't use a secondary dump device unless it is on a separate device,
separate cable and separate i/o card.

sysdumpdev -l Lists current dump destination.

Unix Systems: 

Similar to TcpDump

Like tcpdump/ethereal?

iptrace -e -i lo0 /tmp/iptrace.out, ( let it run for 5 minutes, kill it)
ipreport /tmp/iptrace.out

Unix Systems: 

Size of the memory DIMMs

# lscfg -vp | grep -e "Memory DIMM" -e "Size"
Memory DIMM:
Memory DIMM:
Memory DIMM:
Memory DIMM:

Unix Systems: 

Reserver NFS port below 1024

Linux, by default, requires any NFS mount to use a reserved port below 1024.
AIX, by default, uses ports above 1024. Use the following command to
restrict AIX to the reserved port range:

# /usr/sbin/nfso -o nfs_use_reserved_ports=1

Unix Systems: 

Configuring ntp

Configuring ntp

1) Stop the xntpd daemon

The xntpd daemon is managed by the System Resource Controller (SRC).
To verify that the xntpd daemon is active : lssrc -s xntpd : status
should be "active"
To stop the xntpd subsystem : stopsrc -s xntpd

Note : xntpd is automatically started in /etc/rc.tcpip. To verify this :
cat /etc/rc.tcpip | grep xntpd.

2) Modify the /etc/ntp.conf file

Unix Systems: 

Enabling quotas on a JFS filesystem

Enabling quotas on a JFS filesystem :

Edit /etc/filesystems and edit in quota=userquota on the relevant filesystem.

es4m-root> chfs -a "quota = userquota" /home
es4m-root> quotaon /home
es4m-root> quotacheck /home

Unix Systems: 

bootinfo command options

bootinfo -b reports last device the system booted from
bootinfo -k reports keyswitch position
1=secure, 2=service, 3=normal

bootinfo -r reports amount of memory (/ by 1024)
bootinfo -s (disk device) reports size of disk drive
bootinfo -T reports type of machine

Unix Systems: 


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