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Configuring ntp

Configuring ntp

1) Stop the xntpd daemon

The xntpd daemon is managed by the System Resource Controller (SRC).
To verify that the xntpd daemon is active : lssrc -s xntpd : status
should be "active"
To stop the xntpd subsystem : stopsrc -s xntpd

Note : xntpd is automatically started in /etc/rc.tcpip. To verify this :
cat /etc/rc.tcpip | grep xntpd.

2) Modify the /etc/ntp.conf file

Put the following lines in the /etc/ntp.conf file :

server prefer
driftfile /etc/ntp.drift
tracefile /etc/ntp.trace

3) Restart the xntp daemon

To restart the xntpd daemon :
startsrc -s xntpd

4) Check status of time synchronization

To check the status of the time synchronisation, use the ntpq utility.
ntpq -i : start ntpq interactively

ntpq> peer

remote refid st t when poll reach
delay offset disp
* .PPS. 1 u 863 1024 377 0.92 0.160 0.47

The "offset" field displays the difference (in milliseconds) between the
system time and the reference time.
Type "quit" to exit the ntpq utility

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