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Problem updating 11.31 v3 to v4 using DrD and a cdrom depot


If you do a upgrade with drd and use a mounted cdrom it won't work.

Is a problem HP are triying to fix, for the time being they have printed this workaround:

1) Mount the clone using “drd mount”
2) Make the directory on the clone and loopback mount the depot:
# mkdir /var/opt/drd/mnts/sysimage_001/cdrom
# mount -F lofs /cdrom /var/opt/drd/mnts/sysimage_001/cdrom
# drd runcmd update-ux -s /cdrom
3) Once your update has completed, unmount the loopback mount and then unmount the clone
# umount –F lofs /cdrom /var/opt/drd/mnts/sysimage_001/cdrom
# drd umount

The thing is it doesn't work either beacause with the upgrade you need to change dvd's so it fails

You can install from a depot with no problem, for example:

# mkdir /software_depot/DCOE-DVD <- within vg00 on its own 9GB LV
# mount /dev/disk/diskX /cdrom <-- DVD1
# swcopy -s /cdrom \* @/software_depot/DCOE-DVD
# umount /cdrom
# mount /dev/disk/diskX /cdrom <-- DVD2
# swcopy -s /cdrom \* @/software_depot/DCOE-DVD

# drd clone -x overwrite=true –t /dev/disk/diskX

* use overwrite with extreme caution

Once complete running the following command
# drd runcmd update-ux -s /DCOE-DVD

Then to check we run the below (you should see things marked with 0903 in the lines) and compare with online copy

# drd runcmd swlist

# drd runcmd swlist –l subproduct

you can find all the info on this ITRC forum thread:

Thnx CGEYROTH from the itrc forums for this tip.

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