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Remove Single bit errors from CSTM

You can use CSTM>Logtool Utility for clearing memory log and you can clear the PDT table by interrupting the boot process, entering the service menu, (type ser at the MAIN> prompt,) and typing pdt clear.

This will invoke another reboot, and once the system comes back, you can start monitoring memory all over.
The PDT process de-allocates bad memory.Best not to clear it without replacing.

Logtool Utility:

The Logtool Utility allows you to monitor recoverable errors detected by the computer, such as single-bit memory errors and I/O device errors.

To run the Logtool Utility:
1. Run the Logtool Utility by entering "runutil logtool" at the "cstm>" prompt.
2. Enter the desired commands at the "Logtool Utility>" prompt
3. Information is displayed on the screen.
4. If you run into problems, see the Troubleshooting Tool-Related Problems help topic.
6. Exit Logtool by entering "exit" (EX) at the "Logtool Utility>" prompt.

File Commands:

Save (SAV) - Save Logtool's main window
Print (PRN) - Print Logtool's main window
Exit (EX) - Exit Logtool and return to the STM prompt

Memory Commands:
ClearLog (CL) - Clear the memory log file
SetTimer (ST) - Change the polling interval for logging memory errors
ViewDealloc (VDA) - View errors pertaining to deallocated memory errors
ViewDetail (VD) - View the entire memory log file

Help Commands
Help (HE) - Display online help for Logtool
Version (VERS) - Display Logtool version and copyright information
Control-C - Interrupt the tool.

Unix Systems: 

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